Not seeing a blessing

One day, I was on the train and this man with a horrible scowl and criticism written dead pan on his face, but he had just dropped a crisply folded one dollar bill from his slacks as he was sitting down. The dollar was only two feet beside him. It was his own dollar but soon it became free money because he did not notice it was his dollar.

I know it was his dollar because I heard it hit the train floor with a light tap when he took his hand from his pockets. I instantly wanted to help him. I tried to tell him by pointing at it silently and looking his way. I waved to get his attention but he paid no attention to me. I didn’t say a word I just let it go and gave up. He was in his own world scowling at the world. I looked at the dollar all forlorn and kept looking at it. He lost his money. I could not help him anymore. All i could do was picture him later in his day at a vending machine or a store counter and he is going to want that dollar. He will be looking for it. But right now he is so into his anger and bitterness to realize what he has lost. I feel sorry for him cause I know money doesn’t grow on trees. A dollar costs and it is a dollar lost. I wondered then about myself and how I sometimes have a sour face and don’t see things. I miss my blessing cause I am too angry to notice someone trying to help me. All he had to do is get out of his funky mood and see me looking straight in his eyes and trying to tell him his dollar dropped on the floor. But no. He lost the dollar anyway.
this scenario is familiar to me. Sometimes I too loose chances at a passing blessing because I am full of skepticism, anger, bitterness and criticism. These emotions blind me to anything good near me. So free money is lost money. all because of wallowing in self pity, criticism, anger and bitterness. The dollar that could have been yours get lost and someone else picks it up. Which is exactly what happened. A few stops later another happy guy walked on the train and instantly spotted the dollar and put it in his pocket and went about his business like it was his all along. Then the scowl face never knew a thing. His loss was someone else’s gain. So the lesson is basically, if you snooze in your attitude then you loose in a blessing.

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Grateful during Quarantine

I’m grateful to for.
The list below👇
Amanda Kaufman
Driven Inc
Melissa pharr
Fabian Fredrickson
AJ the life coach
Tai Lopez
my phone
Stores for grocerUse
Apple products
They are all invaluable during this COVID stay at home season
If not for them I may be just drawing or knitting or reading books and catching up on shows but now I am learning business and I am proud of myself for taking the leap and challenging myself to go in new direction
I am learning so much from everyone online
Tai came online yesterday and I got his bundle deal
Yay me!!! So much to learn
I don’t know when I will do them all but I get to learn and be smarter and that makes me happy
lifr tricky it is best to know what ways you can make money
I want to try affiliate marketing and really go all in with social media marketing eventually after I get some steady coaching book writing clients
I need five for a full running part time biz and I need to be paid
Im thankful for these coaches who show up and make it their job to Teach and reach back electively to use newbees
So grateful sooooooo much
So grateful
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Nostalgia and My Old pandora playlist

I was looking through my iPhone notes recently and I found my typed up list of Pandora favorites from 2018!! How exciting. It was a good year with great music and Pandora played my favorites. Who else loves when pandora plays your favorites?

Here it is. Pandora songs that I enjoyed from 2018. Anybody else  loved the music this year?

Particula- Major Lazer

Setting fires- chain smokers

Help me help you- Logan Paul

Last day alive- Chain smokers

The numbers song- Logan paul

Sad song-Scotty Sire

Weak- AJR

The Mack- Nevada featuring Fetty wap

Scared to be alone- Dua lipa

In my blood- Shawn mendes

Why do we just – Why don’t we

Five hours- Deorro

Yer –Deorro

The buzz- Hermitude

Bad- David Guetta

I’d love to change the world- by Jetta

Heroes (we could be)- Alesso remixes

To be human- Sis

Glee- Season of love

The greatest show man- Never enough

Mashups- Anthem lights

Ascendance- Lindsey sterling

Despesito xShape of you- Pentatix

Silent- Marshmallo (feature Khalid)

Revelation –Diplo

Albatroa— Aron chupa


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Bubble gum theme wars


Look what I discovered when I looked up my books.
I  found a competitor

I know we all love cute animals.

We all love cute things.

I found these really cute journals books that use the bubble gum theme.

My ideas of bubble gum is not unique I guess since it shows up a lot on books. I had the idea for my girls poetry book, hence the theme of my book.

This was a surprise to find though it has Cute animals on the front cover with little pink bubble gums pointing from their mouths. I understand how cute this looks!! But why go cute when you can go abstract?

My book cover is hot pink and an abstract painting. It is simple yet more than a empty composition notebook.

The animals cover is as deep as it goes. It has no prompts and no leaning towards anything in particular.

My book however, it has writing prompts to think about how have resolve and strengthen your esteem in life. It’s encouraging. It’s proactive. It’s an empowering exercises. Even more unique is It goes with the fictional poetry book Bubble gum Thoughts.

The poetry book is available digitally through kindle. If you buy the companion journal you can do the exercise in a separate notebook. You can rewrite your answers as time goes by and not have to erase the book. Best of all it’s simple and clean and fun. My book does not have cute animals chewing bubble gum. But what it does have… will do so much more for readers!

If anything my book and this empty journal can be used to document your answers. It’s clean and fun.

If anything my book and the companion digital journal can be used to document your positive life.

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Coaching forever

I love coaching. My favorite coach is Iyanla Vanzant. Now a days I am learning more and more about online coaching.
The best resources I have found is a website called evercoach. I also found a coach online called Eban Paga.

In my life I have interacted with a many coaches and did not realize that I was being coached until I learned how coaching works and what it is.

Coaching is transformational in natural and it is dynamic and results oriented.

If you want to learn the business of coaching it is interesting. For more info I have resources from evercoach with great information:

From what I am learning anyone can be a coach if they have a skill or expertise or have mastered an area in life.

Another thing I learned is a coach is considered a professional friend who has expertise to help a person get unstuck and is like a support system when a person is attempting a major life change. The coach helps the person get results and stay on target to get out of a rut. It’s possible to be a coach and charge a lot based on the proven results that they give clients. This is true as you know even Tony Robbins cost a lot of money to attend his seminars.

Regardless of prices there is a need for coaches because many people have desires to make changes in their life but have no support to help them do that particular change. Coaching is the answer for the need to go to the next level in life.

Either you can get coached or be a coach. Either one is a worthy cause to better yourself and to give to others by sharing your knowledge to someone else.

I don’t know if you Want to be a coach one day or even care to be a coach but I’m just gonna share the benefits of coaching.

The rise of coaches is growing and it is creating a new opportunity for self employed income.

Coaching is advancing and becoming more popular now like a new fad but it has been around for years. It’s kind of like how it is with entrepreneurship. Suddenly everyone is interested in it when it’s been around for a long time before.

Coaching can be in any area. Some of the major ones is relationship, physical Fitness and spiritual niches. That is very broad but broken down there are about ten broad niches. They include business, hobbies, dating, and the like. The more narrow the niche the more highly likely someone needs you. I just found out there are ADHD coaches and recently a couple months ago found out there is a term for a person who helps people write books. I had this idea long ago but didn’t know there were people already doing that very thing.

Coaching as Eban Pagan calls it is “a Swiss Army knife.”

One extremely successful coach is Tony Robbins. But there are so many more. One such as Eban Pagan and Fabian Fredrickson and Marie Forleo is awesome!!

I found and am being found by a lot of coaches recently by Facebook ads and Instagram ads and they find me and they are just what I am looking for.

I am glad to be found and to learn about this world of coaching. So many people grow faster by being coached. I can attest to this even though I don’t consistently stay coached as I should and that is my own failure. But in coming months I look to excel and grow and I know that takes an investment and my learning from coaches. You can evolve as a person by getting coached.

My interest in coaches ranges widely from writing coaches, speaking coaches, opportunity coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, hobby coaches.

Getting coached is awesome.

If you are interested in being a coach just know it is possible with training to learn how to set up yourself as a coach. It is profitable and worth it to be a positive change agent in the world. As a coach you can freelance and you are your own business. Your knowledge and the way you help is profitable. Your life experiences also qualifies you to coach.

If your interested in coaching don’t shy away from it. Learn it and jump into it.

From what I am learning the easiest way to start being comfortable is sharing what you know. Do you want to be a coach? Start by teaching. The coach Eban Pagan says that “Teaching is the way to be successful.”

As you learn about being a particular coach and how to transform others and transfer your knowledge into a coaching business, teach what you learn before you forget. Don’t let your knowledge get lost inside only you. Let that knowledge help someone else.

Teaching reinforces what you learn and spreads positive growth into others.

Be a force of good in the world!

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Entrepreneurship Starting a biz for newbies

Entrepreneurship is rising and is so is the demand to learn how it goes. Being the CEO of your own business is respectable a goal so here are some tips to grow as a new entrepreneur.

1. Running a Business is 80% inner work and 20% outer action

2. Start with you and define who you are, what you do and how you are trying to change the world for better

3. Find partners and marketplace for you to thrive in and accountability

4. Never skimp on branding and marketing

5. Budget for the expense, presence, email automation and ecommerce

6. Tailor quotes and charge your worth

7. Talk to people about your business

8. Don’t do your website yourself… get it don’t professionally

9. Practice mindset work daily

10. Stop spending time and money on things that don’t matter

11. Build your email list

12 . Do journaling on what you want what you envision the process to look like what your measurements are gonna be then start

13. Don’t hard sell on Instagram, focus on creating community and brand awareness then ask for the sale

14. Build systems and get organized for everything

15. Have business besties

16. Stop waiting for the right time

17. Hire a coach

18. Never be proud to ask for help

19. Learn what you need to learn and invest in yourself

20. Keep costs low

21. Save as much as you can in the beginning

22. Use SEO it’s a game changer to your business

23. Do what you do well and pay professionals to do what your not good at.

These tips came out of a conversatiom in a female entrepreneur Facebook group I am apart of and I thought compiling them would be helpful.

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Tools for startup

I am starting a business and I looked for information on entrepreneurs and found this on reddit

The ones I found of interest to me… pretty much all of them. And this is an extensive list was found here on reddit:


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Fathers and their daughters: review of the Lost in space TV episode

Yeah!!!!! This blog is a tv show review. I watch tv but not that often. I watch on demand now on Netflix.

The new Lost in space on Netflix has interested me because it’s based off the old movie that I liked it as a kid and I’m familiar with the old tv show.

I am highlighting it because its a wholesome show with adventures And lessons. It’s a good show based on family, moral character, having courage and heart and adventure.

I love the wholistic view of family in the series and the multidimensional views of the characters. This year has brought new episodes into the second series.

So, I want to delve into fathers and daughters and their bond. I love this discussion because I had (he’s gone to heaven now) a close relationship with my father!

The episode in lost on space about the father and adopted daughter was a wonderful chapter to the movie. I’ve watched it since it started in tv in the beginning and not only did we see the back story of their relationship and see the girl as a child and the love was there very early and we see why she was adopted and how she felt about him even from a young age. She always was grateful for him and adopted him as her father just as he adopted her as a daughter. It’s beautiful. She is grateful and we see a happy bonding and emotional back story to add to it.

It’s like a hug. Seriously.

I loved it I literally cried and I don’t cry often. The relationship reminded me of the feeling i have for my own dad of admiration, wisdom, love, teaching and learning. The scene in the classroom was a tearjerker. And the bike riding and the jogging scene when she runs past him into the distance. I liked the symbolism of her alays running ahead and the going off to school and telling your father off and regretting it. It shows her conscious heart and both of thier respect and admiration of each other. Also that he is Caucasian and she is black is another level of sweetness. He really took her in and she him.

That was so real. I’ve had similar situations with my dad. It was real. I never told my dad off but I’ve made him angry and then regretted it because he didn’t get angry just sad and just stands there.

It’s such a nice juxtaposition. A dad who is marine with a daughter who admires him.i love the reverse psychology she used when he says this long goodbye when he thinks he is dying. He starts to give up hope and she knows it’s all in his mind, so she tells him how much she will be angry with him if he gives up. She even gives him a visual of what the family will look like with out him. It’s very deep. So good and she was probably right about all she said, she does everything possible to get to her father to save him. She puts herself in danger for him. It’s great scene lots of action.

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I love the playing different roles

I have many roles in life. I say that because I love the idea of trying on new responsibilities. Hence I admire acting and wish to take acting lessons and classes.

I think playing different roles, this is the essence of an actor and my everyday life is changing roles. I do all of them to the best of my ability. Nurse. Writer. Publicist. Teacher. Graphic designer. Entrepreneur. Social media marketer.

I have a goal to be better and I’m not yet where I want to be yet so I keep going and telling myself I’ll get there.

I feel I can do what I need through Just keep showing up. I am doing my best at what I am doing and let the results follow.

To be an actor is such a performance it is amazing.

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Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba: A book review

Since I am into reading for personal growth I thought I’d share some more behind the scenes review of a book I read. This book review is a bit old since it’s been waiting to be posted on the blog for two years. I’m either late or early. So this time I’m late posting this. So in the month of March in 2018  I started reading Girl code by Cara Alwill Leyba. This was around the time I got seriously thinking about being an entrepreneur so I started watching the books entrepreneurs read, I found this one at the library.

So I have a few quotes that I like to share from the book. These quotes mean a lot. Being in business for yourself is more about mindset than anything else. In the book the author interviews various successful female entrepreneurs to learn their tricks and advice of the trade.

topics discussed here:

•fear and building a brand

• inspiration and blowing your own mind

•self worth and jealousy and perspective

•important tools to keep going


Excerpts of chapter 1

How did you conquer fear when building your brand?

“I believe in no regrets. I do what I want. I have a vision for myself and my brand. I am going hard for it. I conquer fear because I want it all. If your scared, you’ll live the rest of your life not knowing whether you’re going to be successful or not. I’d rather take the risk and see if I can do it than always wonder if I could. And guess what my friends, it worked. Pg 19 Alicia DiMichele. 

Let’s talk about being proud of our selves and believing in our dreams

Think of all you have done and be grateful and thankful to God. 

In the book interview the question is: what is inspiring you right now? in the interview 

Alicia DiMichele says

“I am inspiring myself at the moment. I am so damn proud of myself and how far I how come. I have certain goals that I have set for myself and keep achieving. That is inspiring me more than anything. I have three beautiful, hilarious, bad— sons and I will not let them down.”

Pg 18 Alicia DiMichele

How do we deal with jealousy

In the interview the question was posed how do you handle feelings of envy or competition?

I like how Alicia DiMchele says

“If I envy someone, that means I am inspired by them. I do not see myself in competition with anyone; I love to see other women succeed and be powerful. I believe in uniting with each other, not competing.” Pg 17

Interview in chapter 3

What is the one thing that you feel women business owners need in their journey?

Faith and prayer; whatever your belief is, believe in it wholeheartedly, pray and ask for guidance and you will hear the answers. And a good set of — to push the negative people out of the way! Pg 45 She Winks owners Julie Mella and Ramona Solages

What do women need more of?

“I want to say —- again, but I’ll use confidence instead; belief in themselves. Teamwork; empowering one another. Asking for assistance; don’t attempt to do it all alone. A good cry when things don’t work out. Letting go of things that are not meant for us.” Pg 45


Pg 44

“I think one of the things that made that night so special was that we collaborated. We took our own unique stories, our own energy, and we created an evening that celebrated all of that. “ Cara Alwill Leyba

there should be more to this blog post but I have to find the notebook that these excerpts where written in. For now I hope these were insightful to the world of self motivation and the entrepreneur spirit.

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